Gobee, your guide
to local goods
and more!

Gobee harnesses easy-to-use technology to build stronger communities, localize revenue, and make local goods more accessible.

Get inspired by your community

Gobee is the easiest way to discover goods, connect with neighbors, and support local markets right in your community.  Discover and celebrate the local artisans, makers, and DIYers living in your neighborhood today!

Create your market in seconds

Your best customers are also your neighbors-make it and they will come!

What will you discover?

A greater good starts where you live.  Find unique goods and services.  Connect with neighbors.  Support localpreneurs.

Gobee provides valuable
opportunities for community

We believe in building stronger, more resilient communities, and fostering connections that might otherwise go unfounded to create greater accessibility to the resources around us and keeping dollars local.

We know that everyday people have a lot to offer, so Gobee enables sharing of local resources every community has-you!  Shopping locally conserves fuels used in factory production and shipping, minimizes the amount of land used for megastores, and reduces the amount of waste produced by discarded packaging materials.

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